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INEGI gets EUR 4 million in European funding to develop new materials and manufacturing processes for several economic sectors

15 September 2020

INEGI will participate in eight collaborative projects within the framework of European industrial leadership programs, in the areas of nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology and advanced manufacturing processes, and societal challenges, in the areas of smart, green and integrated transport, as well as energy safe, clean and efficient.

In total INEGI will have more than four million euros from the Horizon 2020 program, which finances Research & Development in the European Union, to be carried out over the next four years.

These projects will create solutions for several sectors, such as energy, marine and naval, health or civil construction. The development of new materials, structures and processes is foreseen for application in offshore turbines and vessels, for the repair and regeneration of biological tissues, and for new solutions for construction.

"This is the result of the investment we have made in recent years to make INEGI relevant and competitive at European level in the development of technological solutions to meet the challenges of the industry. Participation in these projects allows us to be at the level of what is most advanced in Europe and to transfer this knowledge to the national industry”, highlights José Sampaio, responsible for INEGI's Innovation and Technology Transfer area.

INEGI will contribute to these projects with key competences, in the areas of composite materials, advanced material characterization, computational biomechanics and simulation of manufacturing processes, energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as the enhancement of structural solutions at sea.