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INEGI aids car miniature company in optimizing manufacturing processes and fix production in Portugal

07 September 2020
Reduce time-to-market and the high costs associated with injection technology, invest in flexible and customizable processes, capable of manufacturing high-quality metal parts for car miniatures, using unconventional casting methods.

This is the path traced, together with INEGI, by a company based in Maia that produces miniatures of cars, with the ultimate goal of being able to end the subcontracting of manufacturing abroad and fix it on national territory.

"We want to evaluate processes, in order to create a single integrated and sustainable process for making models, from the high-quality scan of full scale car geometry, to the production of metal parts with the highest quality standard on the market”, says Rui Soares, responsible for the project at INEGI.

Currently, this collectible manufacturer has its activity oriented to the development of models from real cars or their representations, leaving the manufacture and decoration in the hands of national and international partners.

With this project, the company intends to reposition itself in the value chain, bringing manufacturing to Portugal and changing the focus of sales to emerging markets, such as collectible niches. In these, the perception of locally produced miniatures continues to be widely recognized, which is reflected in a higher value of the final product.

In the 80s and 90s, Portugal had a powerful industry in the scale model reproduction sector, with brands such as Onix, Quartzo and Vitesse, which led the world manufacture of these miniatures. It is in the pursuit of this heritage that the company intends to continue, recovering the Portuguese reputation marked in history.