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Industry 4.0: INEGI and INESC TEC will empower companies in response to the digital transformation

20 July 2020
The registration period for the Advanced Program in Industry 4.0 (taught in Portuguese) is underway, combining the experience of INEGI and INESC TEC, in a training offer that aims to train companies in the national industrial fabric, in response to the challenges of digital transformation imposed by the so-called fourth ongoing industrial revolution. The new program begins on October 8, and takes place at the premises of INEGI and INESC TEC, in Porto. Click HERE for more details and how to apply.

As Technological Interface Centers, INEGI and INESC TEC intend to share the accumulated experience and knowledge with companies, addressing the various dimensions and issues associated with the current digital transformation, emerging technologies, methodologies and tools, as well as the impact that these approaches may have. have in your business.

The program is aimed at middle and senior managers and executives from industrial and technological based companies, in the areas of operations, production, logistics, engineering, technology and innovation; as well as managers, engineers, entrepreneurs and consultants who aspire to lead the implementation of industry 4.0.

Alcibíades Paulo Guedes, program coordinator and Chairman of the Board of Directors of INEGI, points out that this program allows "acquiring knowledge, methodologies and tools to respond to the increasing complexity and global competitiveness with high levels of efficiency and in a fast and flexible way”.

With a duration of 64 hours, the program will include nine modules focused on themes identified as fundamental in the development of a strategic vision, in support of decision making and implementation. The characteristics, applications and challenges of technologies that underlie the fourth industrial revolution will also be explored, as well as visits and workshops carried out at companies identified as good examples, which ensure alignment with the interests and challenges of the group of participants.

In order to guarantee the safety of all those who participate in person, INEGI and INESC TEC adopted a set of measures in line with the guidelines of health authorities, to prevent potential contagious situations.