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Industry 4.0 Advanced Program is back to train professionals for digital transformation

03 March 2021
The Industry 4.0 Advanced Program, organized by INEGI and INESC TEC, is back for a 2nd edition. The course will place again between May and July this year, and follows the success of the 1st edition of the program, which ended in November 2020.

Among the participants were employees from various companies in the national industrial fabric, revealing their willingness to train professionals to answer the challenges of digital transformation and the paradigm of industry 4.0. ADIRA, Casais, COLEP, Efacec, Fluitrónica, OLI and Toyota Caetano were some of the companies that participated.

"The feedback from the participants was extremely positive in the first edition. We recorded an evaluation of 4.9 out of 5 in parameters such as "relevant and useful training" or "overall the training was good", which encourages us to work to keep the bar high", says Ana Maria Sousa, responsible for the Advanced Training area at INEGI.

For Luís Belinha Reis, an ADIRA employee, the program offers an "overview of the technologies involved in Industry 4.0", as well as "a set of management techniques that could be very useful to us". "Due to the quality of the contents, as well as the quality of those who teach them, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge", he adds.

Luís Rosas, from EFACEC, highlights the "inclusion of face-to-face visits, and debate of ideas, with companies that are already at a very high stage of technological development." For this professional, the methodology contributed to "show that the way is possible and advantageous”, offering "a practical and realistic view of the implementation of concepts that, when discussed in theoretical terms, can be confused with pure science fiction ".

"It was a well designed program, with a professional instructors, perfectly at ease in the subjects. I finished armed with more knowledge and with the feeling that was worth it", said Carlos Rodrigues, from Toyota Caetano.

Course will train professionals to lead the implementation of digital transformation

As Technological Interface Centers, INEGI and INESC TEC intend with the new edition of the program to share their accumulated experience and knowledge with companies, addressing the various dimensions and issues associated with the current digital transformation, emerging technologies, methodologies and tools, as well as as the impact that these approaches may have on business.

With a duration of 64 hours, the program will include nine modules focused on themes identified as fundamental in the development of a strategic vision, in support of decision making and implementation.

The characteristics, applications and challenges of technologies that underlie the fourth industrial revolution will also be explored, as well as visits and workshops carried out in companies identified as good examples, which ensure alignment with the interests and challenges of the group of participants.

For more information, visit the program's website.