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Hybrid adhesive joints are new way to create more resistant unions

30 July 2020

The search for a solution for the fragility of joints with composite materials has received the attention of INEGI researchers, who are creating a new material reinforced with layers of metal and polymers. This project will create a stronger and safer hybrid adhesive joint, which promises to be an asset for the automotive and aeronautical industry.

These are the industries at the forefront when it comes to incorporating composite materials, in a logic of weight reduction, fuel economy, and reduction of CO2 emissions. However, as Ricardo Carbas, responsible for this project at INEGI, explains, "the biggest failure of composite adhesives is the propensity for them to break transversely, in the direction it is not reinforced with fibers, which ends up being an obstacle to its use”.

To solve the problem, INEGI’s team proposes "to increase the resistance of the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) composite with metal or polymer layers during the production of the laminate, in order to increase its thickness”, explains the expert. Thus it will be possible to avoid delamination, that is, the separation of the layers that make up the material, and create more stable and more durable joints.

The next steps are to determine the best configuration for the integration of the material through experimental tests, as well as testing under different impact loads to understand its energy absorption capacity.

This is just one of several projects underway at INEGI dedicated to joints with composite materials. The growing demands of the industry for products with better performance and the advent of the use of composite materials also represent the advent of new challenges, among them, how to join composite parts with each other or with other materials. As Lucas Silva, responsible for the area of ​​advanced bonding processes at INEGI, points out, "using innovative configurations, experimental tests, and prototype development, we continue to create new solutions to meet the challenges of companies”.