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How do we consume energy? European consortium wants to get to know energy habits in Portugal

03 May 2021
How do we consume energy in Portugal? What daily routines do we implement in our homes to save energy? A group of researchers from INEGI wants to answer this and other questions, through a study that is taking place within the scope of the European project NUDGE.

Through an online questionnaire, the team intends to understand the energy consumption profiles of portuguese people, as well as the population's opinion on energy issues. The objective is to support the design of interventions that encourage the adoption of more sustainable habits, and to produce information to support energy policies.

The questionnaire can be accessed here.

The survey is open to the entire population over the age of 18, and will help paint a picture of Europe with regard to energy consumption in homes. For Zenaida Mourão, responsible for the project at INEGI, "it is important to understand the profiles of consumers, to then design energy efficiency interventions adjusted to individual psychological and contextual characteristics".

Behavioral science will help fight energy waste

INEGI is one of the partners of NUDGE, a European project that proposes to study, apply and evaluate the potential of behavioral strategies to improve energy efficiency, paving the way for new energy policies and sustained behavioral changes.

The energy transition needed to mitigate climate change requires a paradigm shift, including behavioral changes for a large number of people to reduce energy consumption. These behavioral changes apply to the use of heating systems and electrical equipment, and contribute to the efficient use of energy in the home.

"Changing the time of day when we turn on the heating, the temperature level of the set-point, the period when we open the windows to air, and even correct structural inefficiencies in our homes - the accumulation of individual choices may have a very significant impact”, stresses Zenaida Mourão.

The project involves 10 institutions, and is being put into practice in Portugal, under the responsibility of INEGI, as well as in Belgium, Germany, Greece and Croatia.

The NUDGE - NUDging consumers towards enerGy Efficiency through behavioral science project is funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 957012.