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Recovery of the Automotive Components Sector

01 July 2022 Project Sheet

Mobilize transformative companies in the automotive sector in Portugal to become examples of intelligent and sustained growth, innovation and suppliers of technologically advanced products. Through industrial cooperation and strategic projects, the national automotive industry seeks to reposition its manufacturing capabilities to meet industry and consumer demands, facing the challenges of post-pandemic economic recovery, energy transition, digital transformation and restructuring of the sector at a national level and European.


Transfer of knowledge between universities and industry and projects that integrate value chains in the automotive, materials and production technology sectors

Support to various activities in the definition and parameterization of manufacturing processes manufacturing processes

Support to the interface between process monitoring and production data management and materials science work

Support to the transition to new processes such as additive manufacturing and advanced bonding processes


High-performance coated cutting tools: with hard and ultra-hard CVD coatings, advanced for machining BEV/FCEV metal parts for cars with increased mechanical requirements (aluminium, high-alloy steels and Ni superalloys)

High precision moulds: for optical and electronic components for the future interior of the car (interactivity, connectivity and infotainment systems), and exterior lighting systems (headlights, backlighting, hazards, etc.)

Smart moulds: for the plastic injection moulding process with built-in monitoring solutions that enable the first step towards predictive and autonomous maintenance on the customer's premises

Structural mega castings parts: aluminium castings capable of replacing complex welded assemblies for the front and rear of the car, as well as other structural components

Complex power electronic parts: new generation of complex metallic products for power electronics and autonomous mobility

High-performance suspension parts: high-performance car safety products produced using lightweight design concepts

Body in white products: resulting from lightweight steel design methodologies for car body structures

Connectivity surfaced interior parts: more ergonomic screens/electronic devices to meet new connectivity and ergonomic needs, with increasing geometric and optical complexity

Complex electronic connections: products resulting from over-injection of circuits and bi-injection, for vehicle electrical and electronic devices

Lighting products: interior and exterior optical products for correct diffraction of LED light sources

Smart factory: process digitalization, IoT platform, process monitoring, as well as vision and process automation solutions, in order to provide solutions aligned with the factory of the future;

Hi-rEV – Recuperação do Setor de Componentes Automóveis |

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