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Harnessing wave energy in port breakwaters

16 January 2017 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Development of the wave-to-wire numerical simulations: hydrodynamic WEC behaviour, PTO, control strategies and storage.
  • Mechanical design of the components of the WECs and PTOs, how these interact and how they can be integrated in a compact solution suitable for the kind of applications being.
  • Development and constructing of the physical models of the hybrid WEC to be instrumented and tested, including the design and construction of the simplified PTO systems and implementation of control strategies, to allow realistic evaluations of energy production.
  • Assessment of key technical requirements applying the LDfX tool.
  • Technical and scientific project management.

Results / Impact
  • Hybrid, flexible, and low cost WEC (wave energy convertor), to be installed in port breakwaters, responding to the large energy consumption resulting from its operation in a sustainable manner, and reducing carbon emissions.

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