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Environmental Characterization Laboratory with five more tests accredited by the Portuguese Institute of Accreditation

25 March 2022
INEGI's Environmental Characterization Laboratory, one of the national laboratories with the most accredited parameters in the area of ​​gaseous effluent characterization, once again sees its offer expanded, with five more accredited tests:
  • Total Reduced Sulfur Sampling (TRS) - EPA Standard 16A
  • Sampling and determination of formaldehyde concentration - EPA 316 standard
  • Ammonia sampling – EN ISO 21877
  • Sampling and determination of PM10 and PM2.5 - EN ISO 23210 standard
  • Sampling and determination of carbon dioxide - CEN/TS 17405 standard
The Environmental Characterization Laboratory currently has more tests available in its portfolio of services to, as Sónia Ferreira, responsible for the laboratory, explains, "improve the response to customers and meet the needs of the industry".

Among the new offer, it's worth mentioning the sampling of total reduced sulfur, necessary for the pulp manufacturing industries, as well as the sampling of ammonia, a pollutant that is sought in sanitary landfills, cement plants, production of mineral fibers and fertilizers, and the incineration of residues, and the sampling and determination of formaldehyde concentration, a parameter that is essential to characterize in the wood panel manufacturing and mineral fiber production industries.

It should be remembered that the Environmental Characterization Laboratory has been accredited by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC), in accordance with the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, since 2002, for carrying out various tests in the area of ​​gaseous effluent characterization.

This extension of accreditation reinforces the performance of the Environmental Characterization Laboratory, ensuring that the results obtained are reliable and externally recognized.
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