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EIT Manufacturing relies on INEGI to train professionals for digital transformation in the industry

05 July 2022
Offer technical training in line with the reality of the European productive sector, create personalized learning paths, and make room for experimentation in learning factories. These are the objectives of three EIT Manufacturing initiatives, taking place in parallel, which focus on the training of professionals and which, for this, have the support of INEGI.

The training and requalification of workers is considered a key element for the competitiveness of the industry in a rapidly changing technological landscape. Companies' recruitment needs have been skyrocketing in the areas of technology and advanced manufacturing processes, but labor shortages are a problem across Europe.

It was in this context that the EIT Manufacturing network, of the European Institute of Innovation (EIT), challenged its partners to create initiatives "to strengthen European companies with trained and motivated people to shape a digital and competitive future". INEGI, in partnership with INESC TEC and the Faculty of Engineering of the UPorto (FEUP), responded to the challenge.

Training will contribute to the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry

«ConFacts - Multi-layer Connected Factories with hybrid conventional and digital components» is the name of one of these projects, which envisages the construction of a uma Teaching and Learning Factory at the EIT Manufacturing hub in Hungary, to simulate an intelligent factory and the reality of the highly connected company. automated, and with technologies linked to Industry 4.0 and advanced production processes.

It will serve as a stage for the training of highly qualified specialists, capable of interacting with factories and intelligent machines, and thus meeting customer needs. INEGI will contribute with manufacture of demonstrator systems, creation of teaching material and organization of workshops, namely on the digital retrofitting of industrial equipment and augmented reality systems.

The project «LeDAM - Leveraging competences and skills of professionals in digital and automated manufacturing processes» prioritizes the creation of educational modules and practical sessions, developed with the industrial ecosystem and companies directly involved in the project.

Digitization and automation of processes, and artificial intelligence and virtual or augmented reality as tools to leverage flexibility, productivity, competitiveness and greener processes, are among the topics covered. The program design, creation of educational content and hands-on sessions are in the hands of INEGI's team.

Sustainability of manufacturing processes is also a priority

Digital transformation and consequent dematerialization also play a significant role in creating more sustainable production processes. That is why it is urgent to train people capable of identifying and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices and assessing the environmental impact of projects.

The «LEARN 4.0 - LEveraging digital technologies for sustainable production» has the same objective - to create learning paths that fill the gaps in the existing curricula, and to give these profiles the technical and social skills necessary to drive the transition to sustainable value networks. and resource efficient. INEGI's experience in implementing technological innovation strategies that enhance the so-called "double transition" (to Digitization and Circular Economy) will serve as the basis for its participation.

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