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Eco-efficiency of thermal processes in Portuguese industry

02 January 2018 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • General mapping of the main technologies that account for the overall thermal energy use in each targeted sector;
  • Implementation of energy diagnostics with the aim of preparing reference documents for the targeted sectors;
  • Participation in the creation of a showroom of technologies;
  • Organization and participation of events aiming to transfer scientific and technological knowledge to the industrial sector, namely:
    • Sectorial Workshops;
    • Themed Roadshows.

  • Multiplier effect for other industrial sectors and subsectors based on the reference technology mapping for the targeted sectors. 
  • Promotion of new cooperation projects between industries around common needs, which could increase and strengthen the clustering of activities along the value chains of the targeted industrial sectors.
  • Improvement of the positioning of the Portuguese Industry in terms of innovation in the ceramic, metal industry and food sectors that promotes the rational use of thermal energy and integration of renewable energy technologies.