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Combination of manufacturing technologies results in a new electric mountain bike for the company Lynx

15 July 2020
Developing a new bike that combines design and quality at a fair market price was the need that led the company Lynx Advanced Composites, with activity in the development of components and frames for carbon fibre bikes, to contact INEGI. This partnership resulted in two new products for this start-up, which now offers a new frame and a handlebar of low weight and high mechanical resistance.

Produced at INEGI, using an innovative combination of different technologies for the manufacture of composite materials, namely carbon fibre, these components may integrate electric mountain bikes (e-MTB), whose frame is 10% lighter than the competition's counterpart and whose production has the advantage of requiring less raw material.

To achieve the goal, the INEGI team has combined different manufacturing technologies, including techniques typically associated with the production of high-quality parts in the automotive and aerospace industries. As explained by Rui Mendes, responsible for the project at INEGI, the final product results from the "combination of three manufacturing technologies: high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM), carbon fiber sheet molding compound (CF-SMC) and hand lay-up using blow-molding”.

"We used these techniques because they allow very high versatility and geometric complexity”, adds the person in charge. "Only in this way was it possible to create a frame with greater simplicity of manufacture and a bold design”.
Jorge Silva, process development engineer at INEGI, also points out that the main process used, the HP-RTM, "allowed to achieve high fibre volumes, up to 65% and with injection pressures around 60 bar”.

The project took place over several phases, from design, product development, development of the manufacturing process, and production of prototypes. At the end of the project, Ana Branco, product development engineer at Lynx, noted that "INEGI was tireless throughout the project, both in sharing knowledge and experience, and in creating synergies between the different teams, which allowed a development the most efficient product and process of an eMTB bike frame, resulting in functional prototypes in the end, which may become the company's main future product”.
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