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Anemometer calibration: INEGI has obtained an extension of IPAC accreditation

09 August 2019

The INEGI’s Aerodynamics and Calibration Laboratory is now accredited for anemometer calibration between 0.125 m/s (meter per second) and 28 m/s, extending the accreditation range recognised by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC).

This extension enables accredited calibrations for a variety of equipment, such as thermo-anemometers, sonic anemometers, cup anemometers, propeller or Pitot tubes. Noise assessment, air quality, thermal comfort, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), among other areas where air velocity measurement is a fundamental part of the process, are some of the services where this equipment is used.

The new accreditation range, the dimensions of the installed wind tunnel, which allow the calibration of larger equipment without the drawbacks of aerodynamic locking, as well as the rigorous methodology followed by INEGI's specialized technicians are determining factors in the activity developed by the INEGI’s Aerodynamic and Calibration Laboratory.

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