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ALLMICROALGAE counts on INEGI to increase the volume and quality of microalgae production

11 March 2021
The past decade has seen renewed interest and a huge increase in world algae production. The recognition of its nutritional value, combined with the search for ingredients of natural origin and sustainable production, has made this resource a valuable product, increasingly used in various industries, such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Observing a market in full growth, Allmicroalgae, a company specialized in the production and commercialization of microalgae, challenged INEGI to collaborate in the optimization of the production process at its factory based in Leiria. The collaboration aimed to increase the visibility of the production chain, thus contributing to a significant increase in production capacity and improving the quality of algae-based ingredients.

As Tiago Morais, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains, the team carried out the "analysis and diagnosis of the downstream, that is, the steps of biomass processing. Starting with the harvest of the raw material, the culture of microalgae from bioreactors, and finishing in obtaining the final product: the microalgae paste and powder ”.

Through its expertise in numerical analysis, modeling and optimization, the INEGI team of experts studied "monitoring of biomass processing, and identified key parameters, to be improved and early detection of conditions that require intervention in the process". The Institute's work also resulted in the development of tools to support decision making.

Allmicroalgae's portfolio includes several species, with proven benefits for use in human food (food), animal feed (feed), agribusiness and cosmetics. Each of these purposes has different requirements during production, so a greater degree of control over processes not only results in increased production, but also in a higher unit value.

The production of algae and microalgae in Portugal follows the growing world trend, with the additional advantage of the vast Atlantic coast available to the industry. In addition to the benefits of its use, the production of algae results in the absorption of carbon dioxide, making this type of production doubly attractive. Recognizing this trend, INEGI has also been investing in the development of technological solutions centered on ocean engineering, with several projects that arouse the interest of the industry.

Photo @ Allmicroalgae