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Advanced Program in Industry 4.0 is back to train future leaders of digital transformation

28 February 2022
The Advanced Program in Industry 4.0 (in Portuguese), promoted by INEGI and INESC TEC, is back for a 3rd edition, taking place between May 4th and June 22nd 2022.

The acceleration of digital transformation and the need to rapidly evolve towards a competitive and sustainable industry, along with the success of the first two editions of the program, motivated the commitment to continue this training offer.

As Technological Interface Centers (CIT), INEGI and INESC TEC intend with the new edition of the program to share their experience and knowledge with companies, addressing the various dimensions and problems associated with the current digital transformation, emerging technologies, methodologies and tools, as well as the impact these approaches could have on your business.

With a duration of 64 hours, the program will include nine modules focused on themes identified as fundamental in the development of a strategic vision, in support of decision-making and implementation.
For more information, visit the program website.

Single program brings together the experience of INEGI and INESC TEC

Among the participants of the previous editions were employees of several companies of the Portuguese industry, such as ADIRA, Amorim Cork Composites, Bondalti, Casais, COLEP, Efacec, Ferpinta, Fluitrónica, LIPOR, Raclac and Toyota Caetano.

According to Luís Ferrão, from Amorim Cork Composites, "the program allows professionals from the various areas of the organization to become acquainted and develop knowledge of practices, methodologies and tools that are today a determining must-have for the generation of value".

João Moreira, from Simoldes Tools, points out that "the program exceeded expectations". "The pragmatic approach to the themes of industry 4.0 and digital transformation was carried out in a very objective way, logically reconciling the management component with the more technical application, very oriented to the sharing of knowledge and experiences in the adoption of technology in the industry", adds.

Sérgio São João, from Security Printing, says that "the course is well structured, with strategic modules and technological modules. The technical visits to the laboratories and factories are an ideal complement to the classroom training. professional added value".

The high number of participants proves that how to deal with these challenges, what to do, what to invest in, with what priorities, are issues that are at the top of the managers' agenda, whether at the technological level, at the level of processes, and at the level of people.
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