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Accreditation: Building trust for companies and customers

17 January 2020
Laboratory testing is a crucial step in the development or operation of equipment, products and processes, as it allows the evaluation of the performance achieved against the established requirements. These will be as diverse as the project area and phase, but the ultimate goal will always be to achieve end customer satisfaction.

And just as the market demands from companies high quality standards, so when using external laboratory services, companies must demand trust and reliability.


In order to ensure complete confidence in the services provided, the reliability of the various tests and trials performed in our laboratories is ensured not only by INEGI, but also by the Portuguese Accreditation Institute (IPAC), which audits the Smoke and FireIndoor Air QualityEnvironmental Characterization, and Aerodynamics and Calibration laboratories.

This accreditation - that is, recognition of INEGIs quality management system compliance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 17025: 2018 - offers our customers safety and confidence. It is an external recognition of laboratory competence, verified through a transparent and reproducible evaluation process.

In addition to reinforcing the validity of the results, accreditation also proves the independence and impartiality of the laboratory, strengthening its credibility.

This accreditation is also recognized across borders, as IPAC is a member of international organizations and signatory to various mutual recognition agreements, thus ensuring the equivalence of the accreditation granted. Also the way we present results follows the internationally accepted reference line, by the adherence to the International System of Units guaranteed by the Quality Management System.

Once granted, renewal of accreditation implies having infrastructure, technological means, and a highly qualified team of technicians - requirements fully met by INEGI. In addition, our laboratories have quality systems and processes for continuous improvement, in line with the demands of legislation and of our customers, and the latest technological developments.


For all these reasons, companies have a qualified and reliable partner in INEGIs laboratories, with a diverse range of services targeting different sectors of the business fabric - in aerodynamics and calibration, environmental characterization, indoor air quality, and fire tests.

Our Smoke and Fire Laboratory, for example, has been accredited since 2001, having met the quality levels required by IPAC for 19 consecutive years. The laboratories of Environmental Characterization, Aerodynamics and Calibration, and Indoor Air Quality maintain accreditation since 2002, 2014, and 2017, respectively.

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