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To develop flexible, sustainable, and efficient processes that contribute to the improvement and optimization of manufacturing, reducing costs, and anticipating production problems. At INEGI we meet the needs of our customers and partners, in a collaborative work that follows the entire innovation cycle, from the idea to the industrialization of the final solution, whether in the metals, composites, or hybrids manufacturing processes.


Development and optimisation of advanced metal component manufacturing processes, including forming, casting, milling and laser, as well as special processes

Development and optimisation of advanced processes for semi-products and components manufacturing in composite or hybrid materials (composite/polymeric/metal), including Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) processes at low and high pressure, by infusion, forming and filament winding

Development and optimisation of new additive and hybrid manufacturing processes (combining additive manufacturing with subtractive manufacturing) of metals, polymers and composites

Development of bonding technologies (metals, composites, hybrids)

Design for manufacturing

Computer simulation of manufacturing processes

Implementation of IoT solutions and digital twins

Application of new automation, robotization and artificial vision solutions

Process optimisation, control and self-regulation

Optimisation and control of manufacturing processes with data analysis and artificial intelligence resources

Prototyping, testing and industrialisation

Core Team

Lucival Malcher Team Leader

Lucival Malcher

Gonçalo Cipriano

Gonçalo Cipriano

Nuno Correia

Nuno Correia

Rui Neto

Rui Neto

Rui Pedro Silva

Rui Pedro Silva

Customers and Partners

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