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The strategy for carbon neutrality of the Portuguese economy in 2050 has posed ambitious challenges to several sectors. At INEGI we support the development of solutions to promote the decarbonisation of production processes and the built environment, also promoting the implementation of methodologies and technologies that enhance the transition to a circular economy.


Technological solutions for industrial thermal power

Development of thermal storage systems

Direct integration of renewable energies in industrial thermal processes

Waste heat recovery solutions

Development of waste and biofuel recovery technologies

Development of management algorithms for healthy and smart buildings

Development of management algorithms and optimization of energetic industrial and urban systems

Energy conversion equipment/product development

Technologies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen

Prototyping, testing, and industrialization of energy technologies

Core Team

Isabel Azevedo Team Leader

Isabel Azevedo

Ricardo Barbosa

Ricardo Barbosa

Ana Magalhães

Ana Magalhães

Vítor Ferreira

Vítor Ferreira

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