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Preventing and treating pathologies, personalizing diagnosis and therapy, or enhancing the performance of athletes, through customized and adapted solutions. To answer challenges like these, INEGI has multidisciplinary capabilities in the area of Biomechanics, being a competitive partner for the industrial, business and clinical sectors.


Development of devices/solutions for technical aids in the musculoskeletal field

Development of devices to assess the physical condition

Optimization of sports equipment

Medical device design and development

Analysis of human movement in different contexts

Modeling and simulation studies to support diagnosis, treatment, surgical procedures and training of medical teams

Medical image processing

Numerical simulation, experimental validation, and creation of virtual/augmented environments

Instrumentation for measuring biomechanical and physiological parameters

Application of new materials in medical devices, prostheses/orthoses

Engineering solutions in occupational health and safety

Prototyping, testing, and industrialization

Core Team

Mário Augusto Vaz Team Leader

Mário Augusto Vaz

Nilza Ramião

Nilza Ramião

Renato Natal

Renato Natal

Customers and Partners

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