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What are cookies?

A cookie is an information tag that a website automatically stores on your computer or mobile device when you access it. These files allow, for a certain period of time, the website to "remember” your actions and preferences, but never your personal data.

How does INEGI use cookies?

INEGI uses these services with the purpose of evaluating the global usability of the website and compiling usage reports, in order to improve the user experience.

We use third party navigation analysis services, namely Google Analytics. The information collected by cookies about navigation and user interaction with this website is sent and stored by Google. To learn more about how Google preserves this data, click here.

The information collected concerns the generic browsing preferences of users, namely the way in which users access the website and the area of ​​the country through which they access, among others, not including information that identifies them.

What type of cookies do you use?

We use session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies record your actions during the course of your session and are cleared when you close your browser. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, record information about recurring users for a predefined period of time.

Within this type of cookies, we also distinguish analytical cookies and functional cookies. Analytics are used for purposes of monitoring and analyzing statistics such as the number of pages visited and the average time spent in a page. Functional cookies collect information about users' options for future reference, such as remembering the selected language or filling out forms.

None of these types of cookies collect personal information, or information that allows the individual identification of the user.

How can I manage cookies on my computer?

All browsers allow the user to enable, disable, clear and manage cookies by selecting the appropriate settings. To do this, consult your browser's «options» or «preferences» menu.

We remember, however, that cookies are integral to the full functioning of the website. Disabling them will partially or fully affect navigation.

To learn more about INEGI's Privacy Policy, click here.
Cookie Policy

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