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Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering for over 35 years

We convert knowledge into value in the industrial, economic, and social fields, bringing together experience in technological projects with national and international impact.

Key Numbers

- 2021 -
270+ Staf
126 PhDs
12,1M€ Turnover
9.267M2 Facilities
Innovation Projects with Industry
118 Innovation Projects with Industry
International Partners
232 International Partners
Spin-Off Companies in the Market
6 Spin-Off Companies in the Market
Patents (pending)
8 Patents (pending)
Affiliate Institutions
3 Affiliate Institutions
PhD Thesis per Researcher
1,8 PhD Thesis per Researcher
ISI Papers per Researcher
3,7 ISI Papers per Researcher

Creating Value


INEGI will contribute to bringing digitalization and clean energy to national ports

INEGI is one of the partners in a mobilizing project that aims to increase competitiveness of national sea ports.


INEGI engineer is part of the jury that will award the 2023 European Inventor Award

Nuno Correia, responsible for the area of Materials and Composite Structures at INEGI, is part of the jury that will...


New loading system for the Navarra Group was designed at INEGI

The Navarra Group, part of the aluminum industry, challenged INEGI to develop a solution to make the handling of...


INEGI celebrates 37th anniversary

INEGI celebrates today its 37th anniversary.


Valorization in Metallurgy: how additive manufacturing benefits from metallurgical «waste»

The material use, energy use and waste production in the metallurgical industry are aspects that must be rethought...


Which lubricant promotes greater efficiency in a wind turbines? INEGI helps answer the question

Wind turbines are equipped with mechanical gear transmissions that transmit enormous amounts of energy. Therefore,...


INEGI joins a collaborative laboratory dedicated to the rail system of the future

The future of the railway system is the focus of a new collaborative laboratory, which now includes INEGI's...


Optimization of Manufacturing Processes: for faster, more flexible and more competitive industries

Today, it's essential to achieve a strategic balance between present and future sustainability, investing both in...


INEGI contributes to the development of a sculpture at the Serralves Museum

"We supported the identification of means of production and technologies for the development of the sculpture, and...

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