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Product and Process Engineer (m/f) - RH CT VIRIATO UMEC 47/2020

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INEGI, the Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, is a research and technology organization, associated with the University of Porto in Portugal. In the context of a significant increase in R&D activity, INEGI is looking to reinforce its Composite Materials and Structures group. For this purpose and within the VIRIATO - Innovative reusable vehicle for research and leverage of orbital technology project, INEGI will hire:

Product and Process Engineer (m/f)

Title: VIRIATO - Innovative reusable vehicle for research and leverage of orbital technology


The VIRIATO project is a mobilizing program, closely aligned with the action plan of the AED Cluster (Aeronautics, Space and Defense) and in particular in its space activities, which through a set of activities of high technological content, aims to develop, test and demonstrate technology for different sub-orbital and orbital vehicle subsystems or building blocks.

Project would focus on the following core areas:

·         Reusable launching space vehicles;

·         Advanced structure numerical modeling;

·         New material formulations;

·         Advanced manufacturing processes.

Within VIRIATO, INEGI´s role is to develop and manufacture composite material tanks, in which the material must have low permeability, high mechanical and thermal resistance at cryogenic temperatures, as well as high chemical compatibility with the respective fuels and oxidants.

The successful candidate will:

·         Develop and formulate new materials with very low permeability through the modification and improvement of the base materials used, such as fibre or resin;

·         Manufacture and test representative samples of the selected materials;

·         Develop a manufacturing process compatible with the formulated materials, which must be capable of obtaining tanks of considerable size (based on the current processes available from INEGI, such as, for example, filament winding);

·         Virtually simulate the manufacturing process for the developed tank (with the support of existing tools, such as Cadwind);

·         Design and development of a composite material tank capable of supporting large aerodynamic and inertial loads during the launch phase of an orbital vehicle (supported by software, example: Abaqus®);

·         Manufacture representative prototypes of the proposed solution and proceed to its experimental validation;

·         Contribute to the project's technical reports, patents;

·         Contribute to scientific production and dissemination.

We are looking for candidates with the following profile:

·         Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering or other related areas;

·         Experience in R&D activities;

·         Knowledge of composite materials and their associated manufacturing processes;

·         Strong skills in CAD/CAE programs and office software (mandatory);

·         Strong analytical skills;

·         Technical knowledge of pressure vessel design (metallic and composite material);

·         Experience in laboratory work (manufacturing and testing);

·         Availability for national and international travels;

·         Capacity for analysis, critical thinking and goal orientation;

·         Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

·         Responsibility, pro-activity and autonomy;

·         Fluent written and spoken Portuguese and English.

We offer:

·         Integration in a reference Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Institution;

·         Salary conditions adjusted to the profile and potential demonstrated by the selected candidate.

If the academic degree is awarded by a foreign higher institution, the diploma must take into account the provisions of Decree-Law no. 341/2007, of October 12th, and all formalities established therein must be completed within the tender deadline.

False statements provided by applicants will be punished by law. 

Expressions of interest must be sent, along with by CV, Certificate of Qualifications and Certificate attesting the proficiency of English, from 13th to 30th November 2020 through the official page of INEGI www.inegi.pt  Join us | Open Positions - Press Apply Product and Process Engineer M/F - RH CT VIRIATO UMEC 47/2020 or by mail: 

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