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Mechanical Engineer (m/f) - RH CT FIBRE4YARDS UMEC 55/2020

Enviar Candidatura até 30-11-2020 Candidate-se

INEGI, Instituto de Ciência e Inovação em Engenharia Mecânica e Engenharia Industrial, is a research and technology organization, associated with the University of Porto in Portugal. In the context of a significant increase in R&D activity, INEGI is looking to reinforce its Composite Materials and Structures group. For this purpose and within the Fibre4yards project, INEGI will hire:

Mechanical Engineer (m/f)

Project framework (European project):

Project Title:

FIBRE4YARDS - Fibre composite manufacturing technologies for the automation and modular construction in shipyards


FIBRE4YARDS’ objective is to match end-users’ needs with targeted advanced production technologies (adaptive molds, ATP/AFP, 3D printing, curved pultrusion profiles, hot stamping, innovative composite connections) from other competitive industrial sectors, and to transfer, adapt and combine them to improve FRP shipyards’ production and maintenance, in a Shipyard 4.0 environment. Real-scale demonstrators will be designed and manufactured to prove feasibility of technologies.

Based on the targeted technologies, design and engineering of small/medium-length FRP vessels will be assessed using advanced computational tools. Compliance with the regulatory framework will be ensured, and the necessary personnel training will be provided. All within validated and viable business models targeting a circular and resource efficient maritime sector.

Within Fibre4yards project, INEGI´s role is to lead and contribute in some activities and tasks.

The successful candidate will be integrated into a rapidly growing unit and a dynamic, young and proactive team.

The successful candidate will:

·        Analyze requirements, generate potential product/process concepts, and define validation tests;

·        Evaluate current manufacturing processes of advanced FRP manufacturing process technologies for shipbuilding implementation;

·        Evaluate and select FRP connection technologies for shipbuilding implementation

·        Set-up and optimize the selected manufacturing process for shipbuilding demonstrators

·        Identify Key parameters to be monitored in the selected production technologies

·        Development of guidance notes for the prototypes production;

·        Design and instrumentation of molds, tools, and setups needed to manufacture some prototype elements;

·        Lab scale testing;

·        Contribute for the project technical reports, patents;

·        Contribute to scientific production.

We are looking for candidates with the following profile:

·        Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering;

·        Knowledge on CAD and CAE software;

·        Interest and motivation in composite materials;

·        Availability for national and international travels;

·        Capacity for analysis, critical thinking and goal orientation;

·        Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

·        Ability to work as a team member;

·        Responsibility, pro-active and autonomy;

·        Fluent written and spoken Portuguese and English.

We offer:

·        Integration in a reference Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer Institution;

·        Salary conditions adjusted to the profile and potential demonstrated by the selected candidate.

If the academic degree is awarded by a foreign higher institution, the diploma must take into account the provisions of Decree-Law no. 341/2007, of October 12th, and all formalities established therein must be completed within the tender deadline.

False statements provided by applicants will be punished by law.

Expressions of interest must be sent, along with by CV, Certificate of Qualifications and Certificate attesting the proficiency of English, from 13th to 30th November 2020 through the official page of INEGI www.inegi.pt  Join us | Open Positions - Press Apply Mechanical Engineer (m/f) - RH CT FIBRE4YARDS UMEC 55/2020 or by mail:

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