We are totally committed with our responsibility of being a driving force in promoting competitiveness of the industry through technology-based innovation applied to processes, products and business models, as well as in the implementation of research activity and innovation management best practices.

Our action is focused on creating value for our clients and partners. We permanently seek to improve our capabilities by deepening our specialization in understanding the customers’ needs and improving the effectiveness of project management. We are fully aware that our clients are expecting nothing less than excellent results and that is also our commitment.

Cooperation with enterprises can be materialized through various mechanisms, including:

Research, Development and Innovation projects under bilateral contracts with or without public co-funding, including the establishment of long term cooperation programmes for research, development and innovation;
Cooperation Research, Development and Innovation projects in the scope of Portuguese, European and other International Framework Programmes for research and development;
Technological support to new businesses creation and development including technology transfer and training.

Universidade do Porto
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