The Research activity covers the areas of new technologies for advanced production processes, experimental mechanics, applied mechanics, energy, new materials and the development of new products and systems.

The Institute’s research activity is integrated into the Centre for Renewable Energy Research (CIENER) and into the national Associated Laboratory of Energy, Transports and Aeronautics (LAETA), which constitutes a research network that includes also the Technical University of Lisbon, the Industrial Aeronautical Laboratory of the University of Coimbra and the Center of Aerospace Science and Technology of the University of Beira Interior.

INEGI has about 140 PhD researchers whose scientific output, per research, on average, it is about 2,4 ISI articles (24% in publications with an impact factor ≥ 2), 34 citations (excluding self-citations) and 1 PhD thesis. Research in Computational Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics and Composite Materials is predominant, and its application to the sectors of Transport and Health & Wellness.

We go beyond the scientific production by using our research capabilities and the research results in enriching our offer in projects of research and development with enterprises.

Universidade do Porto
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