INEGI hosts workshop on "Uses and applications of Hydrogen and its role in energy transition"

INEGI will host, on october 8th, starting at 2 pm, the workshop "Uses and Applications of Hydrogen and its role in Energy Transition".
The initiative is part of the H2SE project, and is organized by the Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Hydrogen (AP2H2), in partnership with INEGI and the Portalegre Polytechnic Institute (IPP).

The event will feature the presentation of part of H2SE’s project results, namely the H2SE Technology Platform, developed by INEGI with the support of the consortium, and the feasibility study of the use of hydrogen as a seasonal energy storage vector.

The workshop will also feature expert speakers on the various discussion panels taking place in the INEGI auditorium. The meeting aims to provide an overview of the use of hydrogen as an energy vector, in line with the objectives of the H2SE project aimed at promoting knowledge of hydrogen economy and technologies, and contributing to make it part of the on-going national discussion on energy sustainability.


The H2SE project was born to answer the need to promote research and innovation on the use of hydrogen as an alternative source of clean energy. “Hydrogen has a high energy and economic potential and can be applied to mobility and industry. However, it is still an undervalued resource in the global energy sector,” explains Ricardo Barbosa, responsible for the project at INEGI. "This initiative aims to promote H2 as an alternative source of clean energy that deserves to be explored."

In this context, the H2SE platform was born, which, among other things, will contain a simulation tool to study the feasibility of integrating hydrogen-based energy storage systems. “By simplifying this process, we hope this tool will help encourage more people and companies to invest in hydrogen,” says Ricardo Barbosa.

In addition to this work, INEGI’s experts were in charge of the economic study and assessment of hydrogen-integrated energy systems, as economic aspects continue to have a strong influence on the definition of the energy matrix.

The H2SE project is funded under the FEDER, Compete 2020 and Portugal 2020 programs.


14h00 Welcome

14h10 Kick-off

    INEGIs board
    Campos Rodrigues (AP2H2)
    Paulo Brito (I.P.Portalegre)

14h30 H2SE Projects Results Presentation

    14h30 Presentation of H2SE Project and Technology Platform | Ricardo Barbosa (INEGI)
    14h45 Hydrogen Power Storage Study | Mariana Silva (INEGI), Paulo Brito (IPP)

15h15 Funding opportunities for demonstration projects on Hydrogen uses and applications | Speaker TBD

15h30 Coffee Break

16h00 Technical-Scientific Presentations

    16h00 Innovative Hydrogen Storage System | Andresa Baptista (ISEP)
    16h20 Power-to-gas - Hydrogen in natural gas network via methanation or blending | Bruno Santos (REN)
    16h40 Hydrogen as a Fuel in Industry | Speaker TBD

16h50 Round Table: Hydrogens contribution to the flexibility of the electricity grid, within the framework of the strategies provided for in PNEC 2030 and RNC2050

    Moderator: Ricardo Barbosa e Zenaida Mourão (INEGI)
    Peças Lopes (INESC TEC)
    Pedro Ávila (REN)
    Campos Rodrigues (AP2H2)

17h50 Debate e fecho dos trabalhos

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