Tecnogravura and INEGI are working in economical, eco-friendly and lightweight printing cylinders

LightCyl is the name of the I&D project which is being carried out by Tecnogravura - Gravuras Metálicas S.A. in partnership with INEGI, with the aim of developing reduced weight and greener cylinders for rotogravure printing.

To do this, the project will include the replacement of the cylinders’ base material with lighter materials and the transformation of the downstream coating process to accommodate changes in the housing material. "The coatings already produced using these techniques reveal high densities, as well as a good adhesion to different substrate materials, allowing to prepare cylinders quickly and with great flexibility", notes the Tecnogravuras general director and responsible for the project, Fernando Serôdio.

The technology which is being developed in LightCyl has allowed to achieve gains of production, regarding the time and the flexibility of the productive process. These breakthroughs are based on the exchange of the cylinders’ material with lighter alloys, reducing more than 50% of their weight, without compromising the mechanical performance.

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