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Technologies to improve the performance of biomaterials for multi-tissue repair

30 July 2020 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Computational modelling and simulation tools
  • Bone remodelling processes
  • Computational analysis centered on the development of mechano-biological-osteointegration models of different biomaterials
  • Additive manufacturing numerical simulation to predict the behavior of materials (optimization, process, tool design,...)
  • Multi-scale Material Modelling of AM
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Technology transfer and dissemination

  • Technologies to discover, produce and improve performance of custom-made innovative biomaterial structures for the repair or regeneration of human scaffolds and organs, e.g. additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, eletrospinning of prototypes on demand.
  • Enhanced   competitiveness   of   the   biomaterials   and   biomedical   industries of   the   EU, in particular, through interdisciplinary technology transfer effects between biotechnology companies
  • Reduction of healthcare costs related to rehabilitation time or medical device associated infections.

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