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Project Number: MARTERA/0002/2017
Name: Tecnologias Integradas para Instalação de longo prazo de plataformas robóticas subaquáticas
Beneficiaries: INEGI
Start Date: 01/03/2018
End Date: 28/02/2021
Total Eligible Cost: 30.000,00 EUR 
National/regional public funding: 30.000,00 EUR

Project Objectives
  • Promote long-term monitoring of flora, fauna or even sediments originated from fishing activities, using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). 
  • Enable a new era of technological breakthrough, mainly by improving the use of wireless power transfer (WPT) and wireless data transfer, as well as the use of underwater docking stations. 
  • Enable long-term monitoring and inspection activities, the project aims to develop new navigational and control strategies, regarding the use of AUVs.
Results / Impact
  • Increased ability of autonomous underwater vehicles to monitor and explore, by increasing its deployment time. 
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