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Solution with INEGI’s contribution makes palleting equipment modular and adaptable

13 September 2019

INEGI is collaborating on the creation of an integrated solution for the development of robotized palleting and packing equipment
, which will serve as the basis for the creation of systems adaptable to the handling of products with different formats.

The idea came from JPM Industry, a company dedicated to the design, production, installation and maintenance of industrial solutions and equipment, whose experience allowed the identification of a gap in the market. The limited adaptability of equipment used in the palletizing industry, which cannot easily be changed to meet new operating requirements, is a problem that affects production volume and profitability.

To meet this challenge, JPM Industry joined forces with INEGI and INESC TEC, in a development project that resulted in the creation of a set of hardware and software solutions that support the creation and evaluation of palletizing configurations and, at a later stage, development and assembly of the equipment to be produced.

INEGI was responsible for developing an innovative gripper – "a new modular and adaptable claw concept, developed according to a new approach to equipment design, Lean Design-for-eXcellence. This methodology, developed by INEGI, allows JPM to save time and development costs in the future”, explains António Baptista, responsible for the project at INEGI. "This structure will facilitate the development of palletizing equipment that is adaptable to different types of products and modular enough to be easily and quickly changed.

Miguel Ângelo Silva, Director of JPM Industry Technology, Development and Innovation Department, believes that "INEGIs contributions allowed us to generate new knowledge and develop new skills within the company."

On July 24th, a workshop was held at the premises of the company to present the project and a practical demonstration of advanced prototypes. The results obtained are not only applied to strengthening JPM Industrys competitiveness, but also in knowledge and added value for the whole industry.

The AdaptPack project is co-financed by FEDER through the COMPETE 2020 program.
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