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Smart Composites: INEGI integrates European network to enhance integrated innovation

03 November 2020

INEGI is one of the institutions that integrates the newly created EsSENce - High-performance Carbon-based composites with Smart properties for Advanced Sensing Applications, a network of scientific collaboration that aims to strengthen cooperation, knowledge sharing and technological capacities between I&DT entities working on the development of advanced and intelligent composite materials.

Officially created on October 21st, the network is part of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) initiative, which aims to boost advances in the development of scientific knowledge, contributing to the strengthening of Europe as a leader in R&D.

This cluster will link scientific partners, technology suppliers and key industry players from a total of 33 countries, focusing on advanced composite materials reinforced with carbon-based nanomaterials. The synergy will take the form of facilitated contacts, mobility of researchers and students, workshops, conferences, and training schools, among other actions.

The objective is to promote innovation in the field of high performance composites with intelligent properties, namely in terms of self-detection and self-sensing. Dallara, a company with which INEGI has already collaborated in the development of automotive components in composites endowed with «intelligence», is one of the industrial partners in this cluster.

In this action, INEGI is represented by Raquel Santos, a researcher at the Institute and one of two Portuguese who are part of the management committee of this COST Action. More specifically, the researcher will lead the working group dedicated to the integration of new nanomaterials and the development of (nano) composites through innovative manufacturing strategies and methodologies.

According to Raquel Santos "it is expected that this network will result in a closer relationship with European entities and companies, giving rise to a set of new opportunities for innovation and knowledge transfer”.