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“Personality of the Year” at the Tech Portugal Awards is a researcher at INEGI and LAETA

21 November 2020

The jury of the "Os Melhores do Portugal Tecnológico” awards unanimously awarded the "Personality of the Year” distinction to Maria Helena Braga, researcher at INEGI, at the Associated Laboratory in Energy, Transport and Aeronautics (LAETA), and professor at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto.

The award is given by Exame Informática magazine, with the support of VISÃO magazine, and aims to distinguish those who "in Portugal do more for Science and Technology”. The awards ceremony took place on November 18, in an online ceremony, available for viewing here.

According to José Tribolet, president of the jury that awarded the prize, Maria Helena Braga "has been an international reference in different areas of battery development, a technology with the potential for a relatively fast commercial and industrial application".

An achievement that for this jury exemplifies "how science can be used with practical application with positive consequences for humanity. And there are strong reasons why the jury unanimously decided to award Helena Braga the Personality of the Year Award. ”

Maria Helena Braga's research focuses on the experimental and theoretical study of materials for the storage of energy in batteries. At INEGI she is part of the research group dedicated to Energy, Environment & Sustainability, where she has been contributing to advance research and the development of solutions that respond to global challenges in these areas.

She worked, for several years, with the team of John B. Goodenough, the creator of lithium-ion batteries and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019. Earlier this year, the researcher excelled at creating an innovative battery that by combining "negative capacitance and negative resistance ”in the same cell, allows it to self-load without losing energy.

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