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Official Residence of the Prime Minister counts on INEGI to achieve carbon neutrality

28 April 2022
In line with the ambitious goals outlined in the National Energy and Climate Plan (PNEC 2030), in the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality (RNC2050) and responding to the challenge of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, INEGI, together with the Institute of Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF), developed a consultancy work leading to the elaboration of an action plan to promote the carbon neutrality of the operation of the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

The proposed objective was to define strategies for the decarbonization of the operation of the building complex through the rationalization of energy consumption, the integration of renewable energies and the increase of the carbon sink capacity of the wooded surroundings of the São Bento palace, ensuring occupant's thermic comfort.

For this purpose, INEGI evaluated the energy performance and carbon emissions of the Prime Minister's Official Residence. Based on this analysis, INEGI's team outlined an action plan contemplating the identification of measures, supported by technical and economic feasibility studies, energy efficiency, integration of renewable energies and low carbon technologies.

As Ricardo Barbosa, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains, "decarbonization, energy efficiency, thermal comfort and carbon capture were the keywords of this project. We evaluated all the technical systems installed with an impact on energy consumption - such as lighting systems, air conditioning , ventilation and insulation of the opaque and glass surroundings. This assessment allowed the identification of priority intervention areas".

"Only by quantifying global carbon emissions and their origin by the various systems that make up the building, it was possible to define the strategy to guarantee a net zero balance of direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases", he adds.
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