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New passive safety technology solutions for buses

01 December 2018 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Finite element analysis and numerical simulations for R66 and R29.
  • Experimental tests based on specific standards for passenger vehicles.
  • Development and adoption integrated and advanced practices of new product management, through multi project dimensions ("Design-for-X”).

  • Development of new safety solutions based on new mechanical devices that allow the driver's area to be moved and new exterior panels through structurally reinforced multi-materials.
  • Development of new safety solutions, supported by geometric optimization of superstructure profiles and introduction of metallic hybrid zones with high energy absorption rates.
  • Development and adoption of new integrated 'Design-for-X' project methodologies, including but not limited to the 'design-for-sustainability' and 'design-for-crashworthiness' analysis domains.

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