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New concepts of integrated production systems for hybrid materials

01 October 2017 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Project coordination and results leveraging, acting as the interface between the consortium and the European Commission.
  • Analysis of the case studies and definition of process development plans. 
  • Product Engineering: project of the manufacturing system and of the part redesign respectively, in what concerns the impacts and requirements of most operations related to the lay-up and thermoforming stations. 
  • Supporting the application of an original DfX framework during the equipment design process.
  • Life-cycle engineering (LCE) work, namely dedicated to the diagnosis of the manufacturing baseline conditions and identification of main improvements required.
  • Experimental process development, considering the installed capacities and existing know-how and experience, in both, composites-based but also metal-based stamping processes.
  • Following of the demonstration activities, supporting the assessment of the integrated Lay-up- and pre-forming-related operations and the final product quality.

  • A novel multistage manufacturing platform for the production of 3D layered composite-metal structures, based on the Lay-up and 3D US-assisted Hot-forming processes.
  • Demonstrate the application of laser in the recovery of the different material components from intricate composite-metal layered structures.
  • A modelling and simulation system assisting in product design.
  • An in-line distributed quality diagnosis system (QDS) based on imaging inspection techniques.
  • Implement a digital end-to-end engineering concept.
  • Demonstrate LAY2FORM approach for 3D manufacturing of a hybrid multi-material component in an industrially relevant environment.
  • Development of Innovative machinery concepts for the different operations involved in the two core process stations: Lay-up and Hot-Forming, and including final Edge trimming.

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