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INEGI unveils world of engineering to motivate young people in secondary education

27 November 2020
What is additive manufacturing? How is it used in the industry? How is the day-to-day of an engineer working in this area? These are some of the doubts that usually arise for young people who have never had contact with the reality of industrial engineering. To satisfy this curiosity, INEGI will organize a series of online dialogue sessions with students from several Portuguese schools. 

The action takes place within the scope of the ShapiNG initiative, a European project that aims to foster a taste for science and technology together with high school students. INEGI is part of the initiative, together with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). 

As Luís Oliveira, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains, the objective is "to successfully motivate future engineers to follow courses related to additive manufacturing technologies, automation, and everything connected to the world of industry 4.0”. 

The sessions will feature a presentation of INEGI's portfolio of additive manufacturing technologies, as well as the testimony of engineers working at the Institute. In this way "we hope to reach hundreds of students, and positively open their horizons to new technologies that are not normally within their reach", adds Luís Oliveira. 

Recognizing the difficulty in transmitting enthusiasm for science and technology to young people, the European Commission, through the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), co-finances ShapiNG's activity, in the form of a network of R&D entities, universities and companies. 

The initiative aims to awaken the interest of young Europeans for activities in the industry, encouraging them at a later stage to pursue a scientific and technical career in this area, contributing to the growth of qualified labor in Europe. In addition to Portugal, the project includes actions in other countries such as Spain, Greece and Slovakia.