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INEGI reinforces training to support people and organizations in playing a more active role in designing the future

29 November 2022
In 2023, INEGI reinforces its training offer to prepare people and organizations to play an active role in the future in areas such as industry 4.0, energy transition, sustainability and circularity

The 1st semester training offer meets the present and future of companies, is based on hands-on learning and contact with factories and laboratories, and has a set of specialist trainers in their respective areas.

The training calendar starts in January with the course «Hydrogen Technologies and Economy» which, together with the growing importance of this energy vector, is now in its 6th edition.

In February, «Industry Decarbonization» is the protagonist of a course that will provide participants with strategies and tools to implement decarbonization. In the same month, the "Advanced Energy and Sustainability Program” also starts to prepare trainees to be the real drivers of the energy transition.

The «Circular Economy and Sustainability» course is also returning for a 3rd edition, in April, with its eyes set on a transition to systemic and circular thinking. Already in its 4th edition is the «Advanced Program in Industry 4.0», the joint initiative of INEGI and INESC TEC, which starts in May and focuses on 4.0 concepts in terms of technology, processes and people.
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