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INEGI joins a collaborative laboratory dedicated to the rail system of the future

06 January 2023
The future of the railway system is the focus of a new collaborative laboratory, which now includes INEGI's participation. It's called RAIL CoLAB - Collaborative Laboratory for the Modernization of the Railway System. and was born to unite technology and innovation institutions, higher education and the business fabric for a common goal.

Among the priorities is improving infrastructure conditions, developing new materials, new management solutions and scaling operations. The search for new solutions also includes the construction of new infrastructure and rolling stock, intelligent operation and maintenance and efficiency of operations. Likewise, combating the emission of greenhouse gases is a concern, namely through the development of hydrogen solutions and multimodal transport.

In the activity that RAIL CoLAB proposes to develop, INEGI will contribute with skills in the areas of new materials and advanced production systems, automation, as well as structural integrity monitoring systems.

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