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INEGI creates advanced camouflage solutions alongside the European Defense Agency

05 September 2023
In the face of highly sophisticated modern detection systems, the camouflage of military ground systems is increasingly important for the European Defense Agency - EDA. To innovate in this field, EDA counts on INEGI, whose team will develop detection systems and intelligent and adaptive materials to evade it.

The project involves 10 European partners, who will explore new materials and processing technologies to better protect terrestrial systems against surveillance. The aim is not only to fool the human eye, but also to develop the necessary optical, infrared and radar detection technologies.

INEGI will, therefore, invest in detection capabilities, through means of image acquisition and processing, and in composite materials as a basis for camouflage, whose exceptional properties do not compromise the weight and mobility of equipment and vehicles.

INEGI represents Portugal and is the rapporteur for the civil sector of the CAPTECH group (Capability Technology Areas for Materials and Structures) of the European Defense Agency. Since 2010, INEGI has participated in the design of research and development roadmaps that promote the development of technological solutions of interest in the area of materials and structures for defense in the European Union.

The project «ASCALS I - Advanced solutions for camouflage of land systems using smart and adaptive materials» is co-financed by EDA - European Defense Agency.

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