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INEGI coordinates European program to expand range of training and qualifications in the field of adhesive bonds

07 June 2022
KNOWBOND is the new European initiative, coordinated by INEGI, which aims to promote the training of professionals in the area of ​​adhesive bonding technologies. The aim is to contribute to the expansion of the current qualifications system, meeting the current needs of the industry.

Joining components is an industry-wide necessity, and adhesive bonds, in particular, are gaining ground thanks to their ability to reliably bond a wide range of materials. With application in products for cutting-edge sectors such as automobiles and aeronautics, as well as in more traditional sectors such as electronics and furniture, the demand for technical knowledge is high.

This is why it is important to ensure a systematic approach to the initial and continuing education of these professionals.

"There is an internationally recognized qualification system", explains Lucas da Silva, responsible for the project at INEGI. "This, however, ignores the possibility for individuals to develop and certify knowledge and skills related to specific professional activities. By expanding this system, we will bridge the gap between educational supply and industrial demand.”

Within the scope of the KNOWBOND project, the study plans will be restructured in order to allow the recognition of all professional skills, including those resulting from flexible learning. The project will also directly contribute to the promotion of new qualification paths and, at the same time, to the creation of a new offer adapted to the learning needs of individuals and companies.

The KNOWBOND project has partners from five European countries – Portugal, Germany, Austria, Spain and Slovenia – and is co-financed by the European Union.
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