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INEGI collaborates with APDL in the inspection of the breakdown of the mobile bridge in the Port of Leixões

25 September 2020

Following a technical breakdown that led to the prohibition of car and pedestrian traffic on the Leixões mobile bridge, in Matosinhos, INEGI is collaborating with APDL - Administration of the Ports of Douro and Leixões, in order to contribute to the its resolution.

According to APDL, the process of "hiring INEGI for monitoring and three-dimensional modeling of the mechanical organs of the mobile bridge is underway, to try to identify, in addition to the studies already made, the origin and the cause of this premature wear of parts whose useful life should be very far from the end and, therefore, should not be susceptible to damage ”

INEGI is currently developing a preliminary instrumentation work, particularly of the supports of the bridge on the Matosinhos side, to obtain data on the strain to which these structures are subject under specific conditions, during repair operations. Since 2018, INEGI’s team specialized in structural integrity has collaborated with APDL, in monitoring the evolution of the Leixões bridge.

"In the future, the data obtained in the context of the work we are currently developing will provide information that will complement and substantially reinforce the subsequent work, proposed by INEGI, of structural analysis of the bridge in order to identify the probable causes of the anticipated wear that some components of the structure have shown”, says Nuno Felício, responsible for business development at INEGI, who has followed this process.

With a recognized and consolidated capital of experience in the field of structural monitoring and integrity, with this project INEGI reinforces its role as a technological partner of companies in the design, validation, inspection and monitoring of structures and mechanical components, including large structures .