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Hydrogen Economy and Technologies: INEGI training course is back again with support from Smartenergy

23 November 2020
Hydrogen (H2), namely that produced by renewable means, has acquired a significant interest and is today a determining vector in the strategy for the substitution of fossil fuels, and consequent transformation of the national energy system.

Recognizing the relevance and the need for training in hydrogen, and given the success of the 1st edition, INEGI launched the 2nd edition of the advanced training course "Technologies and Hydrogen Economy", which covers the entire value chain, technologies, the economy, the challenges and opportunities of this energy vector.

Nuno Fidalgo Martins, a collaborator in the REN Studies and Operational Innovation Area, was one of the participants in the 1st edition, and points out that "in a phase of increasing transformation of the energy sector at European level towards carbon neutrality in the 2050 horizon, the H2 vector appears as an extremely important measure on the supply side, and through participating in the course taught by INEGI I was able to acquire a vast set of knowledge about H2 ”.

Pedro Gil Ribeiro, from Worthington Cylinders GmbH, also left his testimony, stating that "the training was quite complete and coherent. It was also interesting to learn more about the national strategy for Hydrogen, and the expected impacts in terms of energy policy and economy in general".

The 2nd edition of this training starts on January 13th. In line with the previous edition, it aims to provide participants with instruments for a clear understanding of the regulatory area, market models and the hydrogen value chain, with particular emphasis on its technical components, as well as the associated opportunities and challenges.

Energy sector supports training of key actors

The training is carried out with the support of Smartenergy, a company that operates in the field of renewable energies. As stated by Isabel Maia e Silva, company representative, "at Smartenergy we believe that business is strengthened through good partnerships and the sharing of knowledge between different stakeholders. In this spirit, we decided to support the 1st edition of the INEGI course, and we were very pleased The excellence of the content taught and of its trainers, and the contacts established in the first edition, now lead us to also support the 2nd edition of the course ”.

The training will take place in a virtual classroom, in live stream format, for a total of 10 sessions of 4 hours each. Distance learning will allow all participants to acquire knowledge regardless of their location, while participating in debates and obtaining feedback in real time.

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