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Do you know the reality of renewable energies in Portugal?

15 June 2023
How many renewable energy installations are there in Portugal? Is the installed capacity growing? And what is the geographic distribution?

APREN and INEGI have been working together to make this information accessible to anyone in order to answer these and other questions and make known the reality of renewable energies in Portugal. The most recent effort in this direction is the new website e2p – Energias Endógenas de Portugal, online from today, June 15th, world wind day.

José Carlos Matos, director of INEGI's wind energy area, points out that "providing a useful and detailed portrait of the electricity sector and the way in which this sector meets the demand for electricity is important to help the general public to understand a little better the complex world of electricity.

The site aggregates all power generation centers using renewable energy sources in Portugal and a set of new features. The available database includes power plants that have wind, large hydro, small hydro, solar photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, waves and tides as sources and relevant information on existing power generation centres, such as information on the technology in use, location and installed power. In this redesign of the website, functionalities were added that make it possible to identify where the electricity we consume in Portugal comes from, as well as the price at which it is negotiated.

Renewable energy sources have taken on an unavoidable role in the national energy mix in recent years, especially with the progressive increase in wind farms and photovoltaic plants in Portuguese territory and it is expected that this role will grow over the next few years.


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