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Advanced technological solutions to improve operational capacity, sustainability, safety, and competitiveness of rail systems

01 July 2020 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Pseudodynamic tests of banks and partitions
  • Collaboration in Remote Monitoring Box development
  • Development of an embedded subsystem for rolling stock monitoring and remote monitoring of the track
  • Development of new sensors for the detection of critical events for rolling stock and infrastructure

  • New environmentally sustainable materials in interior subsystems for carriages (seats, roofs and floors)
  • New electronic functionalities in interior subsystems for carriages that provide information to the railway operator
  • Massive and facilitated installation of sensing devices and the introduction of drones in the monitoring process of the railway infrastructure and the vehicles that operate on it
  • Use of wasted energy in braking, as well as the adoption of new techniques of EcoDriving and energy recovery for auxiliary equipment, through kinetic energy
  • Exploration of virtual and augmented reality technologies in support of maintenance
  • Development of intelligent mechanisms to support decision making, which integrates different data sources
  • New services on board railway communications, and teleoperation, through the use of new communication and monitoring technologies

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