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3D model of the scaffold angiogenesis process

01 January 2022 Project Sheet
INEGI's Contribution
  • Robust knowledge in the fields of computational and numerical models, mechanics and biomechanics;
  • Non linear constitutive models to analyse the mechanical behaviour of biological structures using both finite-element and meshless methods approaches;
  • Computational models for bone tissue remodelling, for childbirth simulation and pelvic floor muscles analysis and for vestibular system study.

Results / Impact
  • Combining numerical and experimental methodologies we will be able to describe which are the cell culture conditions, in a bioreactor, that promotes the formation of an organized and functional vascular network;
  • With the developed 3D model it will be possible:
    • To test different culture parameters and to predict culture outcome;
    • To compare results obtained with different bioreactors configurations;
    • To estimate strains, stresses and concentration felt by cells in different bioreactors geometries and types;
  • To improve angiogenesis in engineered constructs using less time-consuming and cheaper methodologies, allowing to scale-up tissue engineering production.

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