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Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering for over 35 years

We convert knowledge into value in the industrial, economic, and social fields, bringing together experience in technological projects with national and international impact.

Key Numbers

- 2020 -
 Own Staf
240+ Own Staf
135 PhDs
10,4M€ Turnover
Innovation Projects with Industry
121 Innovation Projects with Industry
International Partners
200 International Partners
Spin-Offs in the market
6 Spin-Offs in the market
Patents (applications)
6 Patents (applications)
PhD Thesis per Researcher
1,3 PhD Thesis per Researcher
ISI Papers per Researcher
2,7 ISI Papers per Researcher

Creating Value


Equipment is also the 'soul of the business': why should you measure the operational performance of your machines

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) indicates the overall operating performance of a machine, equipment,...


INEGI starts 2022 advanced training calendar with the «Circular Economy and Sustainability» program

In 2022, INEGI is once again focusing on preparing professionals for the future in areas such as industry 4.0,...


Industrial Hydrogen sector will be the protagonist of a webinar organized by INEGI

"The Industrial Sector of Hydrogen” is the motto of the webinar (to be carried out in portuguese) promoted by...


EMAF 2021: INEGI showcases solutions to help companies face today's production environments

From the 1st to 4th of December 2021, INEGI will be present at EMAF - Feira Internacional de Máquinas, Equipamentos...


Energy Transition: INEGI joins Collaborative Laboratory for Green Hydrogen

INEGI will contribute to the stages of production, transport & distribution, and respective end uses of hydrogen


Prototypes developed by INEGI for the «cockpit of the future» are being tested in full scale

As Ricardo Rocha, responsible for the project at INEGI, explains, "this work is another step in the path that aims...


Marinas and Recreational Ports: technology at the service of better management and greater sustainability

The future of marinas depends on a management that clearly takes advantage of technology – in favor of business...


Towards a more robust railway - with the help of monitoring technologies

Article by Paulo Tavares, project manager in the area of ​​Advanced Monitoring and Structural Integrity at INEGI.


The prototype that prints medical implants in 3D through polymer electroextrusion is now operational

The innovation and development of new materials opens many doors in the medical world, and the use of polymeric...


Efacec and INEGI develop new generation of level crossing mechanisms in Sweden

A new generation of level crossing mechanisms, resistant to sub-zero temperatures and strong winds, was developed by...


INEGI consultant joins WIND EUROPE committee and sets agenda for debate on end of life of wind turbines

Filipa Magalhães, INEGI consultant in the area of ​​wind energy, was invited for the 3rd consecutive time to...


INEGI joins Portuguese Technological Platform for Construction to contribute to the progress of the sector

INEGI recently joined the Portuguese Technological Platform for Construction (PTPC), a network that aims to improve...


Reaction to fire: how are the materials used in car interiors tested?

Article by Edite Vale, responsible for the Environment and Fire services area and Anabela Martins, technical manager...


Sensorized isolators allow real-time management of the high voltage electrical network

Given the rapid modernization of electricity distribution networks, INDISOL is once again joining forces with INEGI...


Monitoring of Large Structures: how technology contributes to infrastructure longevity

Article by Nuno Felício, responsible for business development in the area of ​​advanced monitoring and...

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